Attraction Tickets: York Ghost Tour £4 for Adults and £2.40 for Children

Attraction Tickets: York Ghost Tour £4 for Adults and £2.40 for Children

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The York Ghost Tour certainly looks cheap and cheerful….

Believed to be the oldest Ghost Walk in Britain and possibly the world, the York Ghost Walk takes you on a spine-chilling tour of one of our most haunted cities!

Walks depart every night of the week from the Kings Arms pub, a historic 17th Century Inn known as “The Pub that Floods”.

Experience the mystery, legends and folklore from the past 2000 years, in the spots where some of York’s most horrible happenings actually took place!

Your guides are all local experts in Yorkshire’s haunted history, and will keep you suitably terrified with stories of York’s bloodcurdling past.

The York ghost walk is a favourite among celebrities too! Morgan Freeman, Richard Dreyfuss and the Mighty Boosh are just some of the latest guests to enjoy the walk.

Some of York’s strange and supernatural tales include:

  • The lamentable presence of Richard Duke of York, whose head was spiked upon the gateway of the City
  • The amorous caress of the Duke of Buckingham, which some visitors still report to have felt…..
  • Drink to the ghost of Guy Fawkes at his birthplace
  • Learn about the bloody massacre that took place at Clifford’s Tower
  • Hear one of Britain’s greatest ghost stories; the tale of the Roman Legion that passes through the cellar of the Treasurer’s House
  • Visit York’s most famous haunted inns; the Golden Fleece and Black Swan, where real paranormal investigations have taken place
  • Discover the story of York’s Viking poltergeists!
  • Find out more about the bloody duels and gruesome executions that took place in the city

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