Butlin’s Flash Sale: Extra 10% off August Breaks

We all love Butlins Limited right?

If anyone were to ask me when where and when some of my most memorable holidays were then I would always reply “Butlins Limited” – wizzing around the camp site, enterting the talent comps and meeting Timmy Mallet and Keith and Orville, oh those were the days!

Well Butlins Limited is very much still alive and kicking with 3 seaside resorts in Skegness, Bognor Regis and Minehead all with fantastic facilities and amenities on site.

There is a great flash sale over on their website right now offering an extra 10% off their best prices for breaks booked between 5th-11th August 2015.


Note when you first go to their summer holiday page it will show the price per person, but when you go through the booking process it drops dramatically in price.


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