Cheap Days Out, Attraction Tickets and Things to Do

Guys, Expedia have introduced an awesome new section to their website whereby you can search for “Things to do“.

It’s really great if you’re just looking for a local day out with the family or if you’re planning and trip and want to plan things whilst you’re away.

You simply enter the location and the dates and it will give you a list of things to do and the option to buy discounted entry tickets on line…


I just ran a little example by putting in “Manchester” and a random date over half term and bang… it gives me a list of fun things to do… take a look at this:

Expedia2 Expedia3

Try it out now for yourself, it’s a great tool and one I can imagine using quite a lot over the school summer holidays when it comes to finding things to do with the family 🙂

Things To Do in Ireland & the UK

There is so much to see and do in Ireland and the rest of the UK and with, hundreds of experiences are just a few clicks away. Browse through our range of things to do in Ireland, including sightseeing tours of Shannon and Galway, a Fjord sightseeing cruise in Clare, and the Dublin Pass: your ticket to seeing all of the wonders Dublin has to offer. Over in the UK, there is of course a world of activities and attractions that awaits. Visit Buckingham Palace, go see a West End musical: these are just a few examples of the fabulous things to do in London, or outside of the capital there are excursions such as a tour of the beautiful Scottish city of Edinburgh or a trip to the mystical Stonehenge.

Things To Do in Europe

Looking to fly away to Europe? Make sure you have an activity booked! can provide a huge range of Things to do in Europe, to make sure you experience as much as possible in your desired destination. When in Rome, what about a tour of the Colosseum, the Basilica & St Peter’s Cathedral? In Barcelona you can tour the Camp Nou or book a flamenco show, and a boat tour is one of the many wonderful things to do in Amsterdam. From Disneyland in Paris to the National Theatre in Prague – if you’re looking for things to do in Europe, has just the experience to make your trip unforgettable.

Things To Do in Asia and Australia

With, trips from Ireland to Asia and the Pacific region are right at your fingertips, and to make that trip extra special, why not book an excursion or activity? Everything from a desert safari in Dubai to the Sydney Harbour cruise is available with If you’re looking for things to do in Bangkok – then don’t miss out on the Floating Market tour. Or perhaps you’re off to Tokyo, where a trip to Mt. Fuji would make a perfect addition. If Hong Kong is where you’re destined, why not book a beautiful beach walk or island sightseeing cruise? Simply enter in your desired destination above and discover the exciting attractions and excursions that await in Asia and the Pacific region.

Things To Do in the United States of America

The United States of America is a large country, with many wonders, attractions and sights to see. With, you can make sure that your trip to the US is unforgettable, by booking one of our many trips and tours. Of the many attractions to see in the USA, the highlights of things to do in New York are the Statue of Liberty cruise and entry into the Empire State Building Observation deck. If you’re thinking of going to Orlando, your Walt Disney World tickets can be booked here, as well as your tickets to Legoland and SeaWorld. Or perhaps you wish to choose from the things to do in Las Vegas – from a Grand Canyon helicopter tour, trip to the Hoover dam, or tickets to a Las Vegas show. No matter where you want to go in the USA, be sure to book an activity with

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