Cheap Flights to Ireland in the Summer just £5 each way (£10 Return)

How about heading to Ireland this summer?

There are some super cheap flights over at Ryanair for just £5 each way – just £10 return to Shannon from Manchester right now…


There are lots of dates to choose from right through the month of August so it’s perfected for a great trip for a few days or maybe a bit of touring of a beautiful island.


If you are wanting to get out and about to explore during your holiday why not think about hiring a car? There are some great deals over at Easycar, this morning I was having a browse around and was really pleased with the prices they were offering!

For Cheap Airport parking check out Airparks who have awesome prices and are the company I use almost every time I travel

For ideas on cheap hotels in Ireland here are a few suggestions:

Park Inn

Premier Inn

Radisson Blu

Radisson Blu Edwardian UK


trivago UK


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