Cheap Flights to Majorca just £39 Return

Why not snap up some of these super cheap flights to Majorca and treat yourself to a cheap Break !!

Flights start at as low as £19.99 each way and you can grab returns for less than £40 !!


There are stacks of dates available between now and December 2018.

The easiest and best way to search for the cheapest flights from your local departure airport is to use Skyscanner, an awesome tool for searching for flights.  CLICK HERE to check it out.

You will find cheap flights available from:


There are lots of great tips when it comes to bagging cheap flights…

Combine Airlines:

Don’t settle for just one airline… when choosing one airline for your flight out and another for your return you can make massive savings!

Mix and Match Airports

Fly open-jaw… this means to depart from one airport and return to another, this is perfect for those living in London with a vast selection of airports in the area or for anyone in the North West who could fly from Liverpool and return to Manchester…

Flexible Dates:

Be flexible… midweek flights can often be much cheaper than those at weekends.. thus longer breaks such as 8 or 9 nights can often work out cheaper than traveling for a week!

Save on Luggage Allowance:

Think carefully about your luggage… do you really need a suitcase each?  Make the most of the cabin baggage allowance and share a suit case which could save you hundreds!

Majorca is the perfect place for a little getaway… why not enjoy a bit of sun in one of the many great seaside resorts!  There are so many great sights and attractions to visit I suggest checking out Trip Advisor before you travel.


Car Hire:

If you are wanting to get out and about during your holiday then maybe car hire would be a good option? We would suggest checking out whose easy to use site always has great prices.

Airport Parking

For Cheap Airport parking check out Airparks who have awesome prices and are the company I use almost every time I travel

Trip Advisor is not just great for reading reviews on hotels that you have your eyes on but also for checking out local attractions in the area and I recommend a good browse over there before you travel!



  • Dawn

    Hi is there any alcudia majorca by the beach near bars n shops ect 4* or 5* all inclusive or half board for two adults one week in september from doncaster robin hood airport cheap deal flightn hotel. Thanku.

  • Dawn

    Or cyprus, greece.

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