Chernobyl Tour & Experience + Kiev Stay £169pp

Looking for a unique getaway?  Check out this fab deal over at Wowcher for a trip to Kiev with Chernobyl day experience from just £169 each!

The trip includes return flights from a choice of UK Airports with hotel stay and tour.

There are various options available to choose from which you can check out HERE.

  • Where: Chernobyl and Kiev, Ukraine.
  • What’s included: A Chernobyl day experience, two or three-night Kiev city break and return flights from London Luton, Stansted and Manchester.
  • Hotels: Stay at the Adria Hotel or the Amarant Hotel.
  • Chernobyl Tour: Embrace your inner dark tourist with a haunting yet fascinating Chernobyl Tour, perfect for history buffs or fans of the hit HBO TV show.
  • Top experiences: Pass through the Dytyatky Checkpoint and head into the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, then visit the famous power plant, Kopachi Village, collapsed schools, run-down hospitals and derelict cinemas.
  • When: Valid for travel on selected dates until 31st Mar 2020.

Chernobyl Tour

Fed up of visiting busy, over-saturated tourist destinations? Then throw out your trunks, beach towel and sun tan lotion and get ready for an incredibly secluded day trip to Chernobyl. For history buffs or fans of the hit HBO TV show, this is a truly fascinating opportunity to visit the fabled town. You will delve into dark tourism, seeing the devastation caused by the 1986 nuclear Chernobyl disaster first-hand with an unforgettable Chernobyl Tour from Kiev. You’ll head to a meeting point and travel to the checkpoint at Dytyatky, located on the border of the 30km exclusion zone, where after a series of military checks you’ll be met by a trained tour guide who’ll help to ensure you see everything Chernobyl has to offer. You’ll sightsee around the abandoned Chernobyl town – an ominous yet provocative experience that provides an insight into what the world would look like without us. Next, pass through the 10km Zone by passing through the Leliv Checkpoint and see the almost fully-buried Kopachi Village, as well as its long-vacant kindergarten. At a distance of 270m, you can gaze upon Reactor #4 and the construction site of a new sarcophagus being built around it. After, explore the iconic town of Pripyat along with Lenin Street, the main square, the palace of culture, Polissya Hotel, supermarket, Ferris wheel and many more familiar sights. Get your blood pumping with a short drive through the western radioactive trace and tuck into a lunch (strictly non-radioactive cuisine). On the way to your final check out from Dytyatki Checkpoint, you’ll pass by the old abandoned Duga Woodpecker Radar station. After 10 mind-blowing hours of eerie silence and grand discovery, it’ll be time to return to Kiev for some more traditional sightseeing…


As a historical hub, the central-most location of Europe and the largest country within it, an incredible food-capital and a strong advocate for progressive technology, Ukraine is full of interesting secrets waiting to be discovered by the eager tourist. You’ll rest your head in one of two comfortable hotels within the impressive capital city of Kiev. The Adria Hotel can be found on the Eastern side of the mighty Dnieper River which flows through the city. With plenty of convenient extras in your room, ranging from free Wi-Fi to air conditioning, and with a close proximity to many great landmarks and shopping opportunities, it’s a perfect base to explore the city. The Amarant Hotel offers much of the same high level of convenience and contemporary amenities, this time with a West-side location that offers its own abundance of impressive scenes and photo opportunities. Wherever you stay, you’ll soon understand what makes the city so special.

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