Disneyland Paris jobs….

Why go to Disneyland Paris on holiday when you can work there !!

Know anyone who sees themselves as a bit of a Disney Princess? Show them this awesome audition notice…

Disneyland Paris are looking for for characters in their Disney Parade with open auditions due to take place in the UK.



Take part in a unique experience by joining our characters and parade department!

We are looking for enthusiastic and highly energetic people to perform as our famous characters and to participate in our wonderful parade and cavalcades!

All heights are welcome.

Dancing* & non dancing roles available

Female & Male look-alikes*

*All parade performers and character look-alike performers also perform as costume characters.

All look-alike performers must have a basic dance level and the distinguishing characteristics to portray these animated characters.

30 Female & 15 Male specific roles available for the following dates:





  • Mechelle Money

    Hi there I would like this opportunity to work in Disney land as I have worked with kids for over 8 years

  • Debbie


    I would be untreated in hear more about this job opportunity
    Thank you

    • PrincessFanatic

      I have loved Disney since I can remember and this has literally been a dream of mine for years! If I could be given the opportunity I would be so greatful

      A born princess finding her way!

  • Debbie

    Hello there

    I would be interested in hearing more about this amazing job opportunity

    Thank you

  • Eve Richardson

    This job sounds wonderful please could you send me some more information
    Thank you

  • Ruth Trower

    Please can I have more info on this?

  • Karen

    Hi, I am currently a Princess, if you’d need me to step in and train people just mail me

  • Victoria

    this would be a dream come true. Would love to find out more.

  • Sophie Hutcheon

    Would love this opportunity as I am a dancer and have also dressed up as Elsa at kids party’s.love working with kids also helped my dance teacher..teaching youngsters to dance.

  • Georgia Elle Morgan

    Who wouldn’t want to be a Disney princess!? I’d love the opportunity to join. Please contact me with further details 🙂
    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Georgia Morgan xxx

  • Emily

    This opportunity sounds amazing! Please can I have more info?

  • anna

    This would be a “magical” dream come true Disney!
    I may not be able to sing or dance but i 100% could dress up and make a convincing Olaf… DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN…

    I cant wait to hear back from you

    Love “A princess chasing her dream”

  • I would love to hear more about this job opportunity. It would be a dream come true to work in Disneyland. Worked with children for 8 years and teach them dance after school class. I would love to hear from you 🙂

  • AJ stonebanks

    I have worked for WDW in Florida, I’d love to work in Disney land Paris. I need to apply the WD company is amazing to work for.

  • admin

    Hey Guys, you can apply for the job here >>> http://goo.gl/ruD40M
    Very best of luck !! xxxxxxxx

  • carla Louise Jackson

    I would love this opportunity as I am a big fan of disney films etc + have always wanted 2 go 2 disneyland x

  • Jordana marie mcmurray

    Hi there…
    Ive applied.
    Open call audition 4th of november once in a lifetime oppertunity and im so thrilled to see what the day has to hold. Magic is in the air ☺

  • Sian Little

    I would love this opportunity to experience “a whole new world.” A massive disney fan, this truly would be a dream come true! X

  • Kim Nichols

    Do you have the evil queen position available 🙂

  • I would love this job please I have done stuff like this,and I absolutely loved it I would love to have this job I could work all the hours and what you need please please give me the job I would love to and I no how to act like like a character because I am an actor who got an A in actoring I loved it I done a lot of shows and I mean a lot like grease ,Matilda ,frozen .the body guard .abba ,gavin and Stacy ,Stella live and Shawn the dead please I would love it thank you .

  • Taylor

    I would really like this opportunity, I’m a massive fan of Disney – I’ve always wanted to be a princess and maybe this could be my dream come true ✨X

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