Ever Wanted to Sleep in a Coffin?

There’s some pretty weird and wacky hotels out there but I’m sure you’ll agree that this little number is a cut above the rest…

With a massive selection of strange and wonderful rooms to choose from you will be sure to find something to suit your warped mind lol


There are loads of rooms, each with it’s own style and design such as the strange floating bed, the crime scene, the lions cage, the prison cell or… the coffins…

This hotel is located just a couple of miles outside of the City of Berlin so ideal if you’re looking for something different.

Would you sleep in a Coffin?


The Propeller Island City Hotel is like a museum with lots of unique and wonderful pieces of art.

If you’re not brave enough to go it alone or want company, they do have rooms which will sleep  up to four people such as the Mineshaft room which is a room with sloping floors… makes me feel a bit sick thinking about it but the reviews are awesome and people who have stayed always seem to return!


Thinking about making a booking?  Head over to TripAdvisor and check out the reviews to see what other guests have to say.

This unique experience is obviously impressive as they have an average rating of 4/5 which you can check out HERE.



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