Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria, over the last couple of years has become one of my favourite holiday destinations.  The price is super competitive to other holiday destinations and most airlines now sending out flights from a huge range of UK Airports.

Once you’ve managed to pick up your flight, accommodation is really reasonable too, whether you like to go Self Catering and fend for yourself or All Inclusive so you can sit back, relax and be completely waited on, there is a massive selection to choose from.

Gran Canaria has many popular resorts, each with it’s own special uniqueness and style.

If you’re looking to relax, head to Maspalomas, a quite sleepy resort yet with a lovely little shopping centre at the forefront with everything you need to get you through a week or two.  The beach there stretches for miles and is of course, home to the famous sand dunes.

If you’re in search of a more fast moving holiday then check out Playa del Inglis, home to the world famous Yumbo Centre, an absolutely HUGE shopping centre which totally transforms in the evening to become the epicentre of nightlife – you won’t believe the change from day to night!

The flight is around 4 1/2 hours, this depends on where you’re flying from and it’s not the most comfortable of trips if flying budget airlines but worth it if you’re picking them up cheap.

A pint can set you back about 2-3 euros when you’re out and about but do keep your eyes peeled because like all holiday destinations you can find the odd bar doing their Euro pints at certain hours of the day.

There are plenty of places offering cheap meals which you can pick up for around 7-10 euros but a decent meal for two will set you back around 35 euros.

The place is awash with souvenir and nick nack shops and the owners do like to barter with you, don’t be shame to refuse them as they often drop the price for a sale.

You can grab coffees and cokes for around 1.30 and a water will set you back around 85 cents.

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