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jet2 holidays
So up until a couple of weeks ago I had never travelled with Jet2 before and certainly not taken advantage of their full package holiday deals, so when a good offer game up, like many of you, I was googling “Jet2 Package Holiday Reviews”. I couldn’t find a huge amount online and most of the reviews usually consist of those who have had their noses pushed out of joint for one thing or another and therefore simply just write about how the coach took 30 minutes before it left the hotel therefore the whole holiday was ruined, you know what I;m talking about don’t you….

So last week, the family and I (and a few friends) booked up for a cheap week in Crete and straight off we were mightily impressed with everything that was included, ATOL Protection, Resort Transfers and 22kg luggage EACH! What on earth are we going to take with us? We have these super lightweight cases which are perfect for cabin bags, we are not prepared for 22kg checked-in cases !! Needless to say we managed to stuff in some warm jumpers and coats and the cases looked reasonably well stocked without us looking like we simply don’t own enough clothes to last us for the week.

We flew from Manchester airport and due to really bad weather and a bit of road rage we were a bit late arriving at our parking destination (Jet Parks – which I will write about some other time) and got our little bus to Terminal 1. So we all pile into this huge lift to go looking for our check-in desk (which we then discovered was downstairs so we ran down the several flights and eventually found what we were looking for).

The Jet2 staff at the desk were really friendly, helpful and kind albeit a little slow? Usually you are under pressure to be as quick as you can because of the queue going around the terminal and out the door but they were very laid back and seemed in no kind of hurry at all – oh and she laughed when she weighed our cases as our heaviest out of 3 was 11kg – what can I say, i’m used to flying Ryanair 🙂

Getting through security was another matter, sods law, whilst the kids are itching to buy their sweets for the plane and the husband is desperate for his “pre-flight pint” we get stuck behind the only person in the queue that wants to take THREE trays full of liquids? Seriously, THREE trays full of the stuff? It took half an hour of arguing before they finally binned her 40 moisturisers, 34 bottles of foundation and 97 different types of hairspray, gel and mouse. So we are now running again to get to our gate which is on “final call”… only to make it there to be queuing up for another 20 minutes (with the husband moaning about the pint he could have drank twice) before we finally boarded our plane.


jet2 holidays


Straight away I was rather impressed as the Cabin Crew lined up and greeted us really pleasantly. Finding our seats was easy and I felt like I had plenty of room, Take off was a bit shakey but surprisingly, I am a really nervous flyer (and no my arms don’t ache).

We had pre-booked meals as a treat due to the length of the flight (something to keep us occupied) and also due to the low price we had paid for the holiday in the first place. We were all relatively pleased with our meals although they were quite small, definitely not a filling meal even with the addition of a fruit bag, bread roll and butter and little cake. With your meal you had the choice of a hot drink or water.

As with all usual flights the drinks trolley came along a couple of times, as did the duty free trolley and there was the usual inflight scratch cards which most airlines appear to have started running.

Landing again was painless and we wished a happy holiday as we disembarked the plane and went to get our cases from baggage reclaim.

Our booking form had clear instructions of where we were to go next and we found the Jet2 booth in arrivals quickly and easily. There were a couple of reps waiting who simply took our name, handed us a welcome pack and told us our coach number so off we trudged and threw our cases onto the bus. A Jet2 Rep also came onboard and gave us a little brief itinerary of how long it would take us to reach our destination, how many drop offs there were and also about the contents of our welcome pack.

Our bus set off almost immediately and I opened my pack to find an invitation to a welcome meeting the next day and a whole stack of information booklets, maps and discount vouchers – really useful and helpful stuff.

We were dropped off at our hotel and handed over to the staff there who again we felt were awesome, and the next day we attended the welcome meeting with our Rep (Louise). It was a really good meeting where we were told about the island, great places to visit and stuff to do. Due to the time of year and buses etc being unreliable we decided to take Jet2 up on a few of their excursions. We enjoyed all of the days out and we didn’t have any issues with them at all. The coaches arrived to collect us on time each day, the Tour Guides were informative and helpful and made no end of including the children in our days out.

The Jet2 Rep was on hand every day at our complex and also provided us contact details for her so that we could contact her anytime if she was not around.

So our holiday went great, we had a fab time and really helpful tips and advice from our Rep as well as several well organised days out and it was time to return home 🙁

Our return transfer was a good few hours before our flight but there were also others on different flights who were flying earlier than us so that was just down to limiting the number of buses they were running back and to, to the airport.

Check in was once again quick and easy and the staff at the airport were friendly and efficient, there were no issues with our return flight and we collected our baggage once we arrived back in the UK quickly and left the airport.

So, would I use Jet2 Package Holidays again? Yes – yes I would and I recommend them too 🙂



  • Pippamackinnon

    The packages are pretty expensive though, would be good if they could scale back luggage etc and reduce cost

    • you have to just look out for the right deal to come alone, check regularly and look out for the days they do extra £££ off – in October we went to Crete for a week all inclusive for just £138 each !!
      I will be sure to post anything like that which I find 🙂

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