James Villa Holidays with Flights from just £178 each !!

Got to Love James Villa Holidays guys, they’re stunning!

There are some cracking deals at the moment for holidays in September, October and November with prices starting at just £178 each !!

These deals include return flights and there are Villas which will sleep up to EIGHT people!!


I was quite surprised to discover that actually these prices are not bad for what you’re getting.  James Villas are a very reputable firm in the UK, I’ve heard and seen about them often but always presumed that their prices would be well out of my range.


There are lots of options available to choose from over on their site and they start at just £282 each and that includes your return flights!  You can also book villas only on their site if you’re content enough to sort out your own flights.

james villa3

Whatever you are looking for in a holiday you should always check out Trip Advisor before you travel.  As well as getting a heads up on the accommodation you choose, Trip Advisor is also great for reading up on the local area and things to do and see.

Looking for cheap transfers?  Have a ganders at this blog we prepared for cheap airport transfers at Hoppa.com.  They offer super low prices and in additional there is always a discount code to be found for additional savings.

For those that like to make the most of their holiday by getting out and about you should really think about hiring a car.  You can pick up car hire cheap and easily over at Carrentals.co,uk.  Their website offers super low prices and is really easy to use.

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James Villa


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