MAJORCA: A Beautiful Island with Something for Everyone at an Affordable Price

MAJORCA: A Beautiful Island with Something for Everyone at an Affordable Price

One of my favourite holiday destinations is Majorca. This is island really does have something for everyone, each resort has it’s own personality and attracts different people. Whether you’re after a family holiday or want to let your hair down and go wild with your mates there’s a resort for you here.

Here’s what I found in each of the resorts that i’ve been to.

Palma Nova:

Palma Nova is a great resort which was much smaller than I anticipated. Being incredibly popular I was expecting something really big with different directs to walk in each day, I was quite surprised when I got there and discovered it was actually quite small and compact. There is a great selection of bars and restaurants and within easy reach of many great attractions such as a water park and the infamous Pirate Adventure.

I had heard about the Pirate Adventure many times and although it was expensive at around £150 for our family of four it was something we all decided we wanted to do so budgeted into our holiday even before we travelled. We were not disappointed, it was fab – with all of your meals and drinks included in the price and the most outstanding entertainment which we all enjoyed we were not disappointed. Our only regret was that it seemed to end oh so quickly.

Palma Nova is within easy reach of Magaluf, in fact we stumbled across it whilst out walking by accident! This is perfect for those that fancy a few nights out but don’t want all of the wild action in their face.


Within walking distance of Palma Nova this is one of Spain’s Number One Party destinations. There are absolutely stacks of bars, eateries and of course big clubs for you to party until your hearts content. There are many ticket sellers along the strip trying to tempt you into the bars with the offer of free shots and you will be inundated with invites to booze cruises and pool parties.

Magaluf is not for the faint hearted, particularly in peak season.


Alcudia is a big resort and incredibly popular with everyone, the beach is big and beautiful and there is loads ot keep you busy morning, noon and night. With mountains as a backdrop and a beautiful lake and marina it’s wonderful for those that like to spend time out doors walking. Each day we were able to set off in a different direction and discover something new, we always seemed to stumble across a new part to Alcudia.

Calas de Mallorca

Calas is without a doubt my favourite resort in Majorca (most of you probably already know that by the way i’m always banging on about it). The sea is crystal clear and the atmosphere is relaxed and super friendly. Whilst it maybe a diddy little resort there is more than enough of everything that you need to ensure you have an enjoyable holiday.

There are not a huge number of hotels at this resort but what is there centres around a great little shopping centre which is full of great and reasonably priced shops, several bars and even the odd restaurant. On our first visit we were made to feel welcome by the locals who greeted us with open arms on our return, I cannot wait to get back out there again.

Cala San Vicente

This is a tiny little resort which just the odd shop and bar so probably more suited for those that want to just relax on their sunbed and unwind, that said we had no problems getting out and about as the bus service ran straight through the resort taking you to some lovely towns such as Puerto Polensa and Alcudia. It was also just a few euros for a taxi to Alcudia.

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