Save up to 15% on Diggerland Tickets – £16.99

Planning a trip to Diggerland?

Check out the great deals on Attraction Tickets over at Attractiontix.  There are some cracking deals like these entry tickets to Diggerland for as little as £16.99 each !!

There are four UK Parks available to choose from each jam packed with action and adventure for the whole family!

Enjoy family rides (with the addition of a JCB or two) at Diggerland Devon! Have you ever tried to knock down skittles by aiming a mini wrecking ball in their direction, while you’re behind the controls of a JCB? You can now! Why not try digging for buried treasure? Have fun on indoor and outdoor play areas and coin-operated rides like dodgems. If bigger rides are your thing, take a turn on the thrilling Spindizzy, a specially modified 360-degree digger. Then you can enjoy a bone-shaking ride on the Groundshuttle, a rollercoaster without a track. If your little ones would prefer not to go on anything too scary, they can try driving a JCB or a one-ton dumper truck—specially designed to go no faster than walking pace. Parents can sit and watch while younger visitors have fun, or—if you’ve ever secretly wished to find what it would be like to be in control of a digger—have a go yourself!

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