Smash Attack Craze Coming to the UK? Let off Steam by Destroying a Room with a Baseball Bat or Smashing a Whole Dinner Service

Hey Guys what do you think of this?

Smash Attack is a big craze in the USA and word on the street is that SmashAttack plan on moving into the UK…

SmashAttack provide a place for people to let off steam by purchasing pretty much anything breakable and spending an hour or so just lashing it around and smashing it to peaces.  There are also places out there which will let you smash up a complete room with a baseball bat…

These sessions are not just for letting off steam either they can be booked for birthdays and celebrations and over on their website (HERE) I even saw groups of kids taken part in the mass destruction, i’m not sure I like that part!

For as little as $6 you can have 5 minutes to go wild in a room an do as much damage as you can with a baseball bat or over at ShackAttack you can purchase a big box of crockery for $20 and go wild.


Want to see some people smashing up rooms?  CLICK HERE there’s a selection of videos over on The Anger Rooms website.

Here’s What SmashAttack say: “Sometimes we just want to smash something! The Smash Shack is good for people with legitimate anger and frustration issues, those who just need to left off a little steam after a bad week, or those just looking for something different on date night!”

What do you think of this?




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